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Study abroad is the best decision of your life. It can affect the course of your entire life, but even if your path remains the same, the global perspective you gain is invaluable.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the type of person who wants to travel the world and have new adventures. You’re open to a change of pace and maybe want to master another language. Even if you feel shy sometimes, you know the right environment can totally bring you out of your shell.

Can you imagine going to school during the week and exploring a whole new country on the weekend? Or intertwining your lunch break with a casual convo in a second language? That could be your life, or at least one semester of it!

Study abroad is about stepping out of your comfort zone, embracing a new culture and way of life, and coming home with unforgettable memories -- all while not missing a beat with your school requirements or plans to graduate.
Studying abroad is one of the most powerful ways to advance academically, improve your resume, and connect with the world (and yourself) on a deeper level. Here you’ll find everything you need to know to start your study abroad journey

Why Study Abroad

Research shows students who study abroad are more likely to excel academically, broaden their world views, and prepare for an impactful career. An international education enhances your academic performance by supplementing coursework and textbooks with hands-on experiences.

Study abroad is important if you want to be competitive in a job market that values candidates with international work experience. Global exposure is not only vital to a well-rounded education and successful career, though - it is also an effective step in becoming a better world citizen.

When you study abroad, you are able to face fears and biases fuelled by stereotypes and oppression, you also embrace diversity and recognize the beauty in our similarities and differences.

While going overseas to study may be one of the best times of your life, you’ll quickly learn the long-term benefits of study abroad are even better. In a world of globalization, study abroad prepares you with the skills needed to excel beyond borders (and impress future employers).

International exposure promotes language-learning and cross-cultural immersion, expands your network, and can even offer career opportunities.

When and Where to Study Abroad

The When: Though there is no perfect time to study abroad, you’ll find certain school years and semesters to be most common for students seeking an international academic experience.

While it isn’t unusual to hear of high school graduates going overseas before their freshman year in college, sophomore and junior years are often popular for study abroad. By this time students have realized why everyone should study abroad, and are more likely to have narrowed down the direction of their major.

Once you’ve chosen which school year to spend abroad, it’s time to choose what time of the year to go. Students either study abroad for one semester, the whole school year, or summer break. Though less common, some even elect to spend their school breaks (like Christmas or Spring Break) to join a shorter program.

The Where: With nearly 200 countries in the world, how do you choose where to study abroad?

At Go Overseas, we continuously research, review, and compile lists of study abroad opportunities to bring you up-to-date suggestions on the best destinations to visit in the world.

Ways to Study Abroad

The two most popular ways to study abroad include direct enrolment and using a third-party provider.

Direct Enrol: When you directly enrol in a study abroad program you can either apply through your home university and let their program facilitate the process, or apply for direct enrolment with a university overseas. Just remember that the latter option is more likely to have a language requirement and may not offer transferable credits.

Here’s what students think about the benefits of studying abroad through direct enrolment.

Third Party Programs: These are independent programs that have relationships with international schools. There are program advisors who assist you with the entire process, often charging an all-inclusive price to study abroad -- which is less of a headache, but may cost more.

Here’s what students think about the benefits of studying abroad through a third-party provider.

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Whether you can work or not while studying abroad depends on the type of visa you have. As per the new immigration rules in UK that came into force on 4 July 2011, affects applicants under Tier 4. This rule is applicable to students from the Non-European economic area (EEA)...

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