IELTS VS OET (Comparison)


IELTS VS OET (Comparison)



The OET Advantage: Why Healthcare Professionals should take the OET rather than IELTS?

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Key Differences Between The International English Testing System (IELTS) and Occupational English Test (OET)


IELTS may be a general English language assessment that is widely recognized and accepted across several English-speaking countries apart from the UK like Australia, New Zealand, and lots of others.


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The OET is a world English language assessment test, but it primarily caters to healthcare professionals like nurses, physiotherapists, et al. . Initially, the OET was designed for Australia and New Zealand. But, in November 2017, the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council) of the united kingdom started accepting OET test scores while evaluating prospective candidates.




The IELTS is scored from 0 – 9, and you would like to get a score of 7 and above in the sections Listening, Speaking and Reading, and a score of above 6.5 in Writing.


The OET is scored in grades from A to E. To pass the test, an overall score of A or B is required.


Now, coming to the large question,


Should I take the IELTS or OET?


If you don’t belong to the healthcare profession, then the IELTS is the only choice you have.

However, if you're a healthcare professional, then the OET may be a better choice as it deals with content specific to your profession.


Why is the OET the better choice for healthcare professionals?


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Let’s take a glance at the top three reasons why OET is the better choice for healthcare professionals:


1: It’s suited to your Profession


As a nurse, you'd have plenty of experience working in a hospital environment. Each section within the OET mirrors real-life scenarios that you are likely to face in the workplace. to offer an example, the speaking section may be a role-play between a healthcare professional and a patient.


By taking the OET, you prepare yourself for situations that you simply are likely to face in your workplace. By taking the OET for nurses, you not only demonstrate your English ability but also get a clear idea of what to expect in your workplace in the UK. It’s almost like killing “two birds with one stone.”


 2: The OET has Familiar Vocabulary and Terminology


Additionally, the vocabulary and terminology used are almost like what you hear daily at the workplace, supplying you with an advantage in taking the test. On the contrary, if you're taking the IELTS, you've got to spend time prepping for the complex vocabulary used in the test, which you're unlikely to use in real life.


If you're confident with medical terminology, then taking the OET is the smarter choice.


 3: It’s a Pen and Paper Test


The OET may be a traditional pen and paper test, and for the speaking section, you've got to interact with a human examiner. If you're comfortable with the traditional testing format, then the OET is the better choice.


Finally, coming to the deciding question,


Which is simpler – The OET or the IELTS?



This is like comparing apples to oranges. It all depends on your levels of proficiency and expertise. If you're well-versed in healthcare knowledge and medical vocabulary, then the OET is handily the easier test for you. With just basic OET Training, you'll ace the test, because the questions asked there are similar to what you experience in your workplace.


On the opposite hand, the IELTS is the broader English language assessment. It’s employed by students and professionals across industries. this suggests the topics and content covered in the IELTS are wider and taken from several sources.


As mentioned above, it all depends on your purpose and your proficiency. Get in-tuned with our career guidance experts here at Cambridge English Academy and we’ll help you decide which test is the right choice for you.


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